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Food and wine in Argentina

Food and wine in Argentina has been on a different level to everything else in South America! Strong malbecs, juicy steaks and hot empanadas have all been tempting me and I have definitely been indulging!

It started in Mendoza, my first stop in Argentina, where there were so many great looking restaurants and I decided to treat myself. One day I went on a cycling wine tour through Maipu, one of the wine areas south of Mendoza. Throughout the day we cycled to 3 different wineries, trying a couple of wines in each one, an organic olive oil producer, and a craft brewer. Lunch was served at the second winery with proscuitto sandwiches and ham and cheese empanadas. 

Dinner most nights has been steak – even if its not cooked exactly how I like it, its always tender and juicy. 

There are also loads of ice cream places, mostly providing gelato style ice cream, highly influenced by the large number of Italian immigrants over the last century. The most popular flavour is Dulce de Leche and there are several variations too, all of which I can confirm are amazing!

Empanadas are everywhere and make a great snack or a few together for lunch. I’ve tried to find a cooking class to learn how to make them and there are a few around but generally pretty expensive so I might have to do trial and error at home!

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